From the very start of our formation, Mi&Ti Services Co. Ltd, always seeked sustainability in it’s operations.  Spreading to different however specific niches, we focused on being competitively sustainable thus gaining advantages along the years.   Fossil fuel trading, investing in renewable energy, specialising in bio-fuels and empower bio mass are our specific trade areas. 

Our team already enjoyed the technical expertise through their knowledge and experiences in the sector, and whilst combining this resource with the will and the drive, we had the best recipe in hand to plan, analyse, project and eventually construct our first projects locally. 

Malta inherently enjoys the core ingredient – Sun, and in collaboration with Bluesun Technology Co. Ltd, we created the right formula to make our projections a success reality.  Following this major project locally, we decided to go beyond our island, and invested in other PV plants both in the EU and in Asia, for a total of 24MW. 

The Malta projects are currently wholly owned and operated by Mi&Ti Services Co. Ltd., whilst those abroad have been entrusted to us on a Turn Key agreement which our Company has concluded and effected honouring contractual deadlines.  Our company holds at core in offering optimal service to our clients on a safely, successfully and timely manner.