BIO FUELS has been one of the company pillars for these last 8 years. The company today has a very successful track record and is fully equipped both through our professional and dedicated team and also by strategic partners in the field to source and supply the whole line, from the raw material to the end EN14214 and also HVO. In collaboration with our Logistic and Distribution department we are also able to transport any downstream related product  any were in the world. 

Raw material for biodiesel production

Crude rapeseed oil is the main product for the production of biodiesel in Europe.

Crude rapeseed oil is cold-pressed rapeseed oil or warm-pressed and degummed. Crude rapeseed oil has to correspond to the Norm DIN 51605.

In the european market is also FAME as a mix of crude rapeseed oil and used cooking oil or crude rapeseedoil and soybean oil available.

Rapeseed oil. Rape seed is the most frequently cultivated oil plant in Germany and Europe. Dependend on the cultivar and the cultivation condition hectare-harvest between 2000 and 5000 kg oil can be achieved. The average oil content of the 00-cultivars, which is available on the market since 1985 (low erucic acid content)and minor content of glucosinolatea) is approx. 43 %. The press cake out of the oil extraction is rich in protein is mainly used as high quality raw material in the animal feed industry.

Used cooking oil. The eco balance consists of disposal, conditioning and converting as well as protection of resources, has a positive effect on the energy balance. By recycling the waste product "used cooking oil" this biodiesel is manufactured in the most non polluting way.

Sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is a vegetable oil extraced from the seeds of the sunflower and is besides nutrution also used for the production of biodiesel and for pharmazeutical and technical purposes. Sunflower oil is the vegetable oil which is number four in production capacity worldwide.

Soybean oil. Soybean oil is the oil of the soybean. The oil content of the soybean is low, therefore the oil is gained by extraction. The oil is a side product of the cultivation of concentrated feed for stock farming. Soybean oil has a similar content of tocopherol (vitamin E) like sunfloweroil. Due to the high content of phospholipids a raffining is necessary. The soybean is mainly cultivated in Eastern Europe, Central- and Southamerika.

Palmoil. Palmoil is a vegetable oil, which is gained from pulp of the oilpalm. It containts of approx. 50% stated palmitic acid and 40% of monounsaturated oleic acid.

Die oilpalm has a very high harvest on oil – and therefor of energy – per area. Therefore is is used increasingly al newewable energy source.

Jatrophaoil. Jatropha (physic nut), botanic: jatropha curcas

The physic nut grows on bushes with a height up to 6 meters and belongs to the spurge family. Originally the physic nut came from the tropical America to Mexico and Chile and was formerly used as aperient. The oil is being extracted from the physic nuts seeds. The oil content in the seeds is about 35 %. The chief ingredient of the spectrum of fatty acids is made up of oleic acid (37 -63 %) and linolenic acid (19 -40 %). In the meantime the physic nut is cultivated in many tropical countries, mainly in India and is considered to be the "plant of promise of developing countries" as far as energy supply is concerned.Premium fuel can be produced of jatropha oil.