Asia Trading Platform

Our aim is focused on providing our partners with confidentiality and reliability for a successful business venture.

Our Asia Trading Platform is well established after long time experiences which we encountered during day to day business functions and also through management of large scale projects between Asia and Europe.  Mi&Ti Services Co. Ltd. has an operational office in China that handles all the operations of the area including due diligence, logistics, product certification, legal, environmental and social issues.  Through a spread of network in Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean basin, we hold strategic partners in both the continents, and thus through reliable connections it is possible to provide the same quality products and services all throughout.

We possess clear understanding and knowledge of the sector and the market, and embodying this with our experiences we are able to target the best opportunities to effect good business concepts between Europe and Asia, whilst maximising the return and securing the investment. 

Mi&Ti Services Co. Ltd. is fully geared with the appropriate human resources that also possess ample experience in turn key projects utilising best practices in both EU and Asia. 

It is also our mission to assist our clients in the export and import industry, to and from Europe.  Our ten year experience urged us to focus on specific areas and thus our lines of expertise are concentrated on energy products being fossil fuels, renewable commodities, UCO, solar panels, invertors, AC/DC domestic and industrial cables, and also a wide range of generators. 

Business Management

Our business management team together with our professional experts, work on various company arrangements, such as the possibility of acquiring and selling company shares at the appropriate financial level and time, the possibility of acquiring an existing company through a take-over , and other situations that pertain to this area.  Our services are all offered to both Asians and Europeans, through a fully disclosed, confidential, professional and reliable contractual basis 

"Your Business is Our Pride"