About Us

Mi & Ti has been closely identified with the renewable energy industry in Malta for these last 8 years and its links with the petroleum industry closely follow suit.

The Company is managed by experienced key personnel in the commodities trading and international business. Thanks to our personnel’s experience, previous market relationships, group synergies and our key partners we are able to offer the highest possible quality of service.

We have developed long term strategic partners with refineries, major traders and other key partners in all aspects in the industry, like technology providers, shipping companies, major banks and financiers.

In General we trade Bio Diesel, UCO and related chemicals, HVO, Fuel Ethanol both renewable and synthetic diesel. For this purpose we always select trading partners that can offer to us and our client’s superior commodities trading capabilities. Bio Fuels and its by-products have been our core business since the launch of the company. Our team has a very close insight of the market and the industry in general.

We strongly believe in the renewable sector of the energy industry and in these 8 years we have heavily invested in related projects here in Malta. Currently we operate 4 PV plants for a total of 2 MW power. We were also the first company here in Malta to be granted the authorisation of 3 Bio Mass plants for the farming industry.

"Managed by Experienced Key Personnel"